“Competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further, but cooperation, which is the thing we must strive for today, begins where competition leaves off.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Time to wake up! It is a proven fact, when people work together they accomplish so much more. Especially today. In order to master every new technological system, in hopes to improve your business...you would literally have a series of new jobs and become so busy that you could not take care of your own business or personal life.

It is so important to form alliances with others. Even the big corporations are following suit. The next time you buy an item in a Starbucks...check out all the cooperation that they are exhibiting by promoting and selling other people's wares.

At the Wealth Buildering Associates, WBA we are teaming up with partners in order to advance our businesses. We are seeking people to partner with who want to cooperate... bring something to the table and receive help and support from others.


My name is Kathy Bee Hampton the CEO of Touching Lives Multimedia Inc and P. R. Productions and President of Wealth BA. My professional skills include: TV Producer, Host, Speaker, Musical Playwright and an Award Winning Singer, Songwriter, and entertainer. For ten years, in order to promote extraordinary people, I produced and hosted 250 TV show segments called Touching Lives in Southern California. In 2012 the Touching Lives TV Award Show premiered in Hollywood, honoring past amazing people...ordinary unsung heroes.


Plans are currently underway to produce more Touching Lives TV Shows and to produce Multimedia Training Webinars, Seminars and Workshops as well as increasing the WBA membership.


We have a 2,976 sq. ft. facility in Downey, CA (which serves as our monthly meeting place) and also utilized for various projects including:

  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Commercial Video Taping & Filming
  • Small Trade Shows
  • Photo Shoots
  • Crowdfunding (Kickstarter) Productions
  • Crowdfunding Fund Raising Meetings
  • Fashion Shows
  • Movie or TV Show Tapings
  • Readings
  • Book Launches
  • Showcases

When you have secured the right place to have your event, it makes it easier to work on filling the seats...getting the people there!

But let's take this a step futher...


We are seeking entrepreneurs, marketers, branding experts, professional speakers, writers, sponsors, artists, producers, directors, actors, singers/songwriters, film makers, video production people, vendors, personal coaches, inventors, teachers, nonprofits, for profits, public officials...

We are seeking people who want to work together with others by actively working on member events, through cooperative marketing practices. In other words, we offer our services (trade or discount) in order to produce a super events, products or provide great leads.

Our group is centered on "People Helping People". Keeping this in mind, we invite others into our group who are like-minded when it comes to giving and receiving.


I wanted to reach out and see if you would like to become a part our WBA group, for additional information. Email me Kathy Bee kathy@wealthba.com

We expect this idea will catch on and we already are contacting movers and shakers. We hope that you will see the value and become our valued partner...








Your partner for profits,

Kathy Bee